Haswell 4Kx2K display capabilities

Some people say that the 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processors – known as Haswell – arn’t a real Tock update. Well. I have to disagree. Have a look at this.

And this is what you get… when you happen to have one of these multi port EIZO 4Kx2K displays.
A stunning 4K resolution, but it costs an arm and a leg. Maybe a little too much. Certainly with a EIZO® DuraVision FDH3601 with a price tag of over 30.000 Euro, but there is another solution with 4 x 1920 * 1080 DisplayPort 1.2 monitors as well. Making it a over five times less expensive.

Note: The Sharp® PN-k321 is a much cheaper alternative at around 4.500 Euro and I expect that the price will go down over time.

I tell you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I mean. Wouldn’t you love to work/game with a setup like this, or the new Collage setup with three Full HD monitors?

Model and price info for the Eizo® monitor added, plus a cheaper alternative made by Sharp. Additional information about the capabilities of the 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processors can be found in in this PDF.

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