Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan

Ok. So you are thinking about overclocking your Intel processor, but you are worried about blowing it up and/or voiding the warranty. Smart thinking. Not that overclocking your processor has to be that dangerous. I mean. A few hundred MHz won’t hurt your K model. Not even with the stock Intel cooler. But what about…

spending a little extra to stay safe?

What? Yeah. Most people don’t know this, but Intel has a great deal for you. Here it is:

With this Intel Performance Protection Plan you can OC your processor without having to worry about blowing it up or voiding the warranty. Rest assured. Intel will replace it when it breaks. Once. Still. For me this was a pretty sweet deal to get a free replacement.

This program was introduced in 2012 for boxed CPUs and can be transferred between owners, but you can’t request a replacement CPU in the first 30 days of purchasing the plan. Anyway. This is great for people who are truly pushing the limits of what their Intel silicon can do.


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