Haswell and PSU requirements

Today I like to talk a little about the Power Supply Unit (PSU) requirements for the Haswell Shark Bay platform. And I am quite confident that many of you, if not all of you have read this report published by VR-Zone and thought OK. No problem. My PSU is fine. I am ready for Haswell.

Sure. I understand that PC enthusiast like you already know that much, but other less well informed people may think that they will need to buy a new PSU. Which I tell you is highly unlikely. Especially for people with a Sand Bridge or Ivy Bridge based PC configuration. Then your PSU should be fine, with a few exceptions of course. Let’s have a closer look what we found out so far:

Let’s start with Silverstone. Here is a list with the Silverstone power supplies that are Haswell Ready and if you happen to use one of these, then your power supply is ready for a motherboard and CPU upgrade.

Sea Sonic
Now over to Sea Sonic. Here you have to do a little more work but note the Intel Haswell Processor Ready logo below the PSU list. Most of them are ready for Intel Haswell Processors.

Next up Corsair. I tell you. The next link is a must read for PC enthusiasts because not only has Corsair a list with all their Haswell ready power supplies but Jonny Gerow also explains, in great detail, what changed and how it works.

Note: If your power supply use DC to DC technology – convert power from the primary 12V power rail for the secondary (3.3V and 5V) rails – then you should be fine. No need for a new power supply.

Enermax took a slightly different approach and published
this press release in which they inform people about the Enermax power supplies that are Intel Haswell processor ready.

What about Cooler Master?
What I can tell you about Cooler Master is what they told me, being that the Cooler Master V-Series has been tested and is fine, but that other PSU’s are in validation as we speak. They expect to update the website as soon as possible, but the webmaster is a bit slow. Seriously!

We checked the BeQuiet website and found the following power supplies to be Haswell compliant:

Dark Power Pro: 1200W, 1000W, 850W, 750W, 650W and 550W.
Straight Power: 700W, 600W, 500W, 450W, 400W, 680W CM, 580W CM and 480W CM.
Pure Power: L8 730W CM, L8 630W CM, L8 530W CM and L8 430W CM.

Note: The Pure Power L7 series doesn’t seem to be Haswell compliant. This despite their own press release!

EVGA has, apparently, only three Haswell compliant power supplies.

SuperNOVA: G2, NEX650G and NEX750G.

Note: The EVGA SuperNOVA G2 is actually just a rebranded Super Flower Leadex.

What about other brands?
Don’t worry. The UEFI BIOS will include settings to bypass the problem with old/unsupported power supplies. For the rest. There are many moons to come so guess what.. get back soon.

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