Just a tall guy with glasses

Hmm this is interesting. Asus seems to be the only brand with one or two DIP-8 sockets on their motherboards. Two for the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme (think Haswell) and one for the rest of the boards. Too bad we need it, because not only is register MSR 0xE2 locked, so it the entire UEFI BIOS.

I’m not sure if we can fix this. I know that Sam worked on it. And I know that because I found a number of e-mails where she said to have located the security message, but not only that… she also wrote a patch to skip the text from displaying. Meaning that she located the library and thus now it is time for us to continue her work.

You know what. Every time I write something like this my hearth rate goes up a tad. What a loss. She would have solved this problem in no time. I mean. Let’s not forget this guys. Not only did she locate the 0xE2 lock, but she also bypassed it. Nobody else was able to fix this. And even today, after over a year, people are still waiting for a patch to bypass the security verification error. What about that?

I guess that this is, in part, also why I feel some pressure. Knowing that my sister had something special and people who keep saying things like: She took the room by storm. Yeah. That makes me a little nervous. After all. She was an elegant and pretty young lady, but I am just a tall guy with glasses…

A huge thank you to Andy for dedicating his SLIC Tools to Sam (RevoGirl).

Update Some people seem to be missing the bigger picture here, because there is no “old” UEFI BIOS version that we can flash in order to unlock the BIOS regions. Locked is locked. Basta!

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