Haswell i7-4770K Reached 7.2 GHz on LN2


The new Asus Maximus VI Extreme is still king of the crop. Did 5.2 GHz on air and 6.1 GHz with H20 (2 * 360 rads). Easy.

More good news. Tonight we are going to push the barrier on two other new Z87 boards. Jeroen and Mike already did some benching yesterday, and the day before that, and that looked very promising so we are expecting great things to happen tonight/tomorrow.

We also like to acknowledge the help that we are getting from companies like:

Asus, AsRock, CoolerMaster, Corsair, DimasTech, Enermax, G.Skill, Intel, Samsung, OSZ and MSI.

Too bad that EVGA isn’t sending us any gear, but I think that this will change. You cannot get past some of our efforts. Hey. Some even joined us in Spain to film our efforts. Yah. Here come the pizza’s. And some cans of Cerveza (SanMiguel sin alcohol) for the guys of course!!!

The building we are in is notorious for power failures and with six huge 1500 Watt power supplies running hot… the lights went out. Had to wait two hours for things to be restored, but then most of the folks went to bed as well. We’re now about to go out for a nice English breakfast – I like to have a breakfast with bacon, eggs and orange juice early in the morning. Hmm. One word. Delicious.

After breakfast we’ll probably take a taxi to show the folks some of the work of Antoni Gaudí. I mean. Being here in Spain and not seeing his work, and my girlfriend being a tour guide (which is where I met Angélica) that I tell you would be plain stupid. Anyway. We are enjoying life as it comes.

Oh and guys. That pizza we had yesterday. Boy that was one spicy pizza. Never had something this bloody hot before. Still a sore throat and then the smell afterwards. Pffft. Yup. Must open the windows. And all of them. You know what I am trying to tell you here, don’t you. LOL

Ok. I also seem to have said to propose, my dearest Angélica, when we hit 8 GHz so maybe someone better start saving for a wedding 🙂

Update II: We signed an NDA and thus cannot share details and pictures. Anyone who does… shouldn’t (Intel will surely remember it).

3 thoughts on “Haswell i7-4770K Reached 7.2 GHz on LN2

    • Hi Francesco,

      No can do. Not right now. I joined forced with a magazine and they are paying for everything. They also gave me a nice new DimasTech test bench thus I am not really in control of everything. You guys have to wait until they publish their stuff.

  1. Hi Pike , you are a great …..i am a overcloker man …my friend in Italy are Antonio (SPL) Dionisio (DDA) Andrea Dimach Tech and all overclocker , i love overclocked, I remember the first pentium I overclocked, now only use the chiller to cool my i7 2700 K to 5 GHz.

    Carmine ( Magnifico )

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