Teufel Aureol Headphone

Today my Teufel Aureol® Real headphone arrived. Came all the way from Berlin Germany (thanks to my friend Mike). Available in white and black. I went for the white/red one and believe this to become the next must have headphone for the hip and young. Have a look for yourself.


I could stop here, because just look at it. Isn’t that a beauty? And for you galls out there; I wasn’t talking about the guy 😉

First. I like what they did with the white/black & red colour combination. A clever move. Fits my collection of shiny white Apple hardware, but it also reminds me about my overpriced Dr. Dre Beats Pro. A 400 Euro smashing headphone. Bulky, heavy and one that quickly becomes uncomfortable. In part of the tiresome bass.

Then I put on my new Teufel Aureol® Real and tuned into some of my songs in iTunes. Gosh. I started to smile right away. Oh wow. Yeah baby. I am totally loving it. There is no pressure on the earcups. Like not at all. Nothing compared to the Dr. Dre Beats Pro. Boy what a joy. Here comes the Teufel with its 100 Euro price tag… beating the crap out of my Dr. Dre Beats. Starting with a 4-1 victory for Teufel.

I tell you. This underdog devil (Teufel) in headphone land is a must have. I am ending my relationship with both my now former Sennheiser and Dr. Dre Beats Pro headphones. No hard feelings, but for me this is just a brilliant move…

I like it
Did I say that I like it? I did didn’t I? Well. Sorry. Cannot help it. I really like my new headphone. In fact. I like it so much that I ordered the black/red edition for my girlfriend. Why? You mean it wasn’t obvious enough already? She walked into the room and said: I want one!

1) The looks. This is of course just my personal opinion, but the Teufel headphone looks great.

2) Low weight. This headphone is light. Ultra light. Just over 185 grams with the cable attached to it. And while one cannot really compare it to the Dr. Dre Beats Pro, with the solid metal parts on it, but that now also feels like I was carrying a truck on my head. Much to bulky for my taste.

3) The sound quality. I never really liked the sound of the Dr. Dre Beats Pro where it’s all about bass. Not for me. I’m more a person for natural, more balanced sound. Which is what you get with high fidelity audio headphone, but these come with a hefty price-tag. Making it too expensive for most people. Unlike the Teufel with some impressive specs.

Impedance: 50 Ohm
Frequency range: 20 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity: 102 +- 4 dB @ 1 kHz

4) The fit. Like I said earlier. My good old Dr. Dre Beats Pro feels like a truck compared to the Teufel Aureol® Real. Not only that, but the earcups of the Teufel Aureol® Real are much more comfortable. Their velour covering offer your ears plenty of space and feels so good that you end up forgetting to have a headphone on your head. Which is great of course. Until you accidentally walk into a shower (LOL).

5) Next. Value for money. The Teufel Aureol® Real headphone is affordable for everyone and comes with a two year warranty period. And if you order one right now, then it ships to most of Europe for free. Saving you an additional 15 Euro.

6) Last but not least. I like to be different. Think different. Don’t want to become yet another clone of all the folks with the white/red metal Dre Beats on their head. Not for me. I want to be different and in control. Here is an example of me being different. One to remember for people walking into me with the wrong intentions.
Comes with two cables
The Teufel comes with two cables with a nice (soft/red) fabric sleeve. One 1.3 meter cable with two 3.5mm stereo mini-jacks and one 3 meter cable with a 3.5mm and 6.3mm stereo-jack. The latter is a perfect match for my Denon stereo installation. Allows me to sit where I want. In my Barcelona chair (replica) to dream away. Enjoying the HiFi audio sound of my new Teufel Aureol® Real headphone.

The Cons
The cable with two 3.5mm stereo mini-jacks may be too short for you. I mean it fits me when I plug it into my iPhone, even for a tall guy like me, but when I am at home and want to watch a movie, then I need a longer cable. Now it feels like I am missing an additional 1.7 meter – the website states that it comes with two 3 meter cables. This may be a good idea for the Teufel Aureol® Real II or Teufel should fix this error on their website. However. That won’t feel right since most people will need a longer cable anyway, and thus Teufel has to fix this. For real. The best thing they can do IMHO is to replace the 6.3mm plug with a 3.5mm mini-jack and (optional) 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter plug.

There is no hard cover to keep your Teufel safe from damage, but it comes with a black bag with a red Teufel logo on it. Maybe because you are supposed to wear it all day long, and you can because you won’t feel it. Or keep it close to you. Around your neck (see picture).

You can only plug the cable in the lower left half of the ear shells. This should not be a problem, for most people, but for people who are used to have a plug in each ear shell… this may be a miss.

Wrapping things up
Ok. This was my review. One from a real audio enthusiast. Now have a look at this German youtube movie. Or this one. Just two movies to give you an impression of what it is. Oh and I forgot. Comes with a nice solid box with a magnetic strip to keep it closed. Anyway. Do you like what you are seeing… then order your Teufel Aureol® Real at: http://www.teufelaudio.com
I don’t think that anyone will regret it – comes with free shipping and then the Try Before You Buy deal of up to eight weeks. In my opinion you can only win.

Holy crap. It is now 4:31 AM and I am still enjoying the sound – working on the DimasTech test bench setup for our next review. Fancy a preview? Go figure!


p.s. Sorry for the low quality picture, but everyone else is still sleeping, of course, and thus I cannot turn on the lights. Not without waking up the other folks (guests) here.

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