A Friendly Reminder

Duh! What was I thinking…

I received a friendly reminder telling me that I cannot share –– parts of the, source code from the hacked FTP server. Ok. That got my attention. Not that I was planning to add long listings of certain source code (snippets) but this makes it a little bit more challenging. More complicated. Now I have to ask what I can and cannot share. Think; delays and more delays. Obviously.

Ok so it won’t be as detailed as I originally planned, and people will have to trust me. Or maybe I could just point you to the file(names) as a reference? Let’s hope that this isn’t breaking any rules. We don’t want that after all.

More news about Haswell. Power management with Haswell processors will be a lot more challenging for (U)EFI developers. Apple and Google included. Just two name two random names I care about. The good thing about running something this exceptionally energy-efficient is that it will extend the battery life by a great margin for the next generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Air so who cares… except if you are running a hack maybe.

Also. Intel has raised the maximum multiplier to 80 (80 * 100 MHz = 8GHz) for unlocked processors (K-Series) but we can change the ‘BCLK’ to 125 and 166 in the new UEFI, but then the max multiplier is lowered. This to stay well within the maximum TDP of 84 Watt. Speaking of which. Why isn’t there anyone wondering why a next generation Intel processor is drawing more power? Like seven Watt to be precise. I mean. Wasn’t Haswell designed to be more power efficient? Yada yada.

The top multiplier for the IGPU is set to 60 (aka 3 GHz in the usual 50 MHz bins).

The not so good part is that I have to wait for some crazy expensive memory from Corsair (1000 Dollar without tax) which should arrive here in about one or two weeks. And yes. There will be pictures eventually 😉

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