New Keyboard

I tell you. I had to get accustomed to the way things go in Spain. Like dinner time. Totally different. Me being used to have supper between five and six o’clock. Here it is more often later. Like much later. Like after eight o’clock or so. Twice a week we also meet with the parents of my girlfriend to go out for dinner. That is fun, twice a week.

Anyway. We went for dinner last week with her family and afterwards we joined them at home to watch TV. A movie or so I thought. Shocker. Her dad loves Fútbol but if there is anything that I don’t like or care about then it is football. Great.

Then came the family albums. Oh dear. Always fun. Or not. After fifteen minutes or so… there it was. Her old bicycle. She of course totally loved it and thus we had to take it home. With two flat tires. What else is new. Great. So now I had to fix it, and since I am the man in the house, I did. Job done.

Hooray. Back to my shiny white Apple keyboard. Which wasn’t too happy about my dirty fingers. Sure. I cleaned them, but not well enough. Apparently. Now it is Sunday again so guess what. Yes. We are going out again, but this time I am well prepared. Don’t have time for yet another family album. Another bicycle. After all. I have work to do. I need to install a new power supply and replace a keyboard with a defective backlight. How else am I going to finish my next blog article… in the dark 😉

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