Cool stuff

Cool. I was asked to test write a review for a DimasTech bench test table. The thing should arrive here next week, along with Mike and Jeroen, who will be joining us in Spain for a while.

Also. I received an e-mail from John Pool saying:

We have a feature in the pipeline that might help you out. I’ll keep you posted.


Seems like GeekBench is working on a new feature. Great. So what is this about? Well. Some of you may remember this incredible GeekBench score. Which is missing in the charts, because that ‘only’ shows the last 2000 scores (performance improvement). Now take a look at the blog title and think cool stuff. Like LN2, dewar and a pot. Yup. We are going after new world records. One with a frozen Ivy Bridge and the other running OS X 10.9 on a madly frozen Haswell i7-4770K. Let’s see how far it goes.

Next. You should know that I didn’t wrote my ACPI CFGD Explained to be forgotten. The reason I write stuff is simply so that I can point you to something that, in this case hasn’t been published before. Like never ever before. Go ahead and Google it.

What’s next? Well. One of my next blog articles will debunk some of the myths and uneducated guesses that keep popping up. We will show you, like nobody ever did before, what is going on. We will explain things with great detail and example code.

We will also show you when you can or should, or shouldn’t, dump secondary ACPI tables. And trust me when I say this, because something this detailed has never ever been published before. No wonder, because the source code was simply never published. This changed recently and thus now we can show you what is going on. Good to know that we were right all along. Unsurprisingly, because we had dad to help us out.

See you next time around. Get ready for some exiting new stuff. Here and nowhere else… of course 😉

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