Seasonic G-360 PSU installed

Today I removed the Corsair CMPSU-TX650 and installed the new Seasonic G-360 PSU (Power Supply Unit) in my computer, as a test, and immediately noticed a reduction of noise. 1-0 for Seasonic.

Even more interesting is the fact that it confirms what I hoped for. Which is that the new PSU draws less power. Not surprisingly, because the Seasonic is a lot more power efficient – up to 89.2% – and thus that was to be expected. Good to see it confirmed. Using 6-9 Watt less than the Corsair TX650 makes it a 2-0 for Seasonic.

This shows you what a simple PSU replacement can do. Even when it is this cheap (less than 70 Euro). Now we wait for the new 80 Plus Platinum PSU which is even more power efficient. I’ll report my findings here when it arrives so stay tuned.

Update: We’re only a few hours into the game of Seasonic PSU testing and I am totally loving the power meter results – it went down to a low 23 Watt. Awesome result. I tell you this. Had this been a full modular system. One without a fan, then I would have kept it for myself, but since it’s not… someone else will be happy with it.

Update-2: Tree years later the Seasonic G360 started to behave erratically. Sometimes it shuts down the power to the motherboard and other components, as a safety measure to protect us from running into costly repairs. A great feature, but shutting down like this also corrupts the NVRAM. In one event I even had to flash the BIOS. A plus was that I had a removable DIP-8 chips but if you are using a Gigabyte motherboards, with soldered BIOS chips (main and backup) then you may run into an issue where the backup won’t get transferred to the main BIOS chip and then your motherboard won’t startup anymore.

Edit: I checked the Fan and it was still spinning so it can’t be related to overheating. There is also little more than the motherboard, processor and one SSD so that should not be a problem. The 5 volt and 12 volt rails driving power to the motherboard and drives are also looking fine, but sometimes it shuts down for no apparent reason. This was also for me the main reason to switch back to Corsair PSU’s since I have never experienced something like this.

Another reason is that I had removed a tiny label from a screw to test the PSU, but that was also the reason that my RMA was refused. The reseller also wanted me to RMA it in the original box (?) like three years later. Yeah right. I am done with it.

Listen. Seasonic has great PSU’s and a great track record. There is no denial to this, but when they start selling stuff that cannot even last for three years then I am done with it. And I say this because at least two other people that bought the same PSU after reading my blog. With the same kind of errors, then you know that something isn’t right.

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