How to lose four logical cores

Shocker. I ran ssdtPRGen, to fix power management, and got a strange warning:

Warning: Target CPU has 8 logical cores, the running system only 4
Now using CPU to extent the current range to 8...
You may want to check/verify the generated ssdt_pr.dsl

This means that the script located four “CPUn” devices instead of eight. Normally this is caused by an incomplete or broken DSDT, but that isn’t the case. I have all eight processor block declarations in the DSDT. And running sudo dmesg in a terminal window also shows all eight (logical) cores.

The next thing I did was to check but that was still empty and thus that can’t be it. Also checked my RevoBoot configuration and that is fine too. Hmm. Let’s fired up IORegistryExplorer to see what we have and oh dear. I only have four instead of eight. Aha. Now I know – I think – why it run so slow. At 800 MHz and on two cores, or without hyper-threading.

Let’s call Asus. Ring ring.

Mike: Mike speaking.
Me: Hi Mike. I ran into a weird issue.
Mike: Okay.
Me: I seem to have lost four cores.
Mike: Mumble mumble. Did you change the C1E setting?
Me: Uhm. I might yes.
Mike: Ok then change it back and all will be golden.
Me: LOL Golden?
Mike: Yeah fixed in the next update.
Me: Ok thanks.

I re-enabled C1E in the UEFI settings and hoppa. All eight cores and a 15K GeekBench score – I skipped the part where I re-ran ssdtPRGen and fixed something else (device-id) but it runs. The new GPU is so much faster, but still a bit problematic on OS X – using a ATI 6850 at the moment.

More good news. Intel has done an amazing job. The processor and chipset uses a mere 33-47 Watts on average system loads – iTunes/Spotify running in the background and Safari for browsing. Then I OC’ed the CPU to 5.2 GHz – I need to be careful with this thing – and it pulled something like 190 Watt tops… with Cinebench running.

I need to add two remarks:

1) The power grid here sucks. I am only getting 214 Volts, instead of the normal 230-240 Volts.
2) The power supply I used is a Corsair TX650 (80 Plus Certified) and thus only 80% efficient. Resulting in a 20% inefficient heat production (dissipation).

In short. Things should become even more impressive with a high voltage and a better power supply. Speaking of which. Let me order one right now… Let’s see who is first. My new audio gear from Teufel Audio or the power supply.

Oh wow! Now I am getting 215 Volts. Yeah. My girlfriend must have switched off something in the kitchen or closed the door of the fridge LOL

Update: Added link/info of the used PSU, which is 80 Plus Certified after all.

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