Haswell Processor Arrived, or Not

Signing up for a blog is easy, but posting your first post isn’t. At least not for me. Thing is. I’m not much of a blogger. Anyway. Here we go. But I warn you because it isn’t a good start.

Ok. So I received a box from Intel with big red letters on top of it. I opened it and there it was. The long anticipated Intel Haswell i7-4770(K) processor. Well. The box that is, because when I opened it… it was empty. There was nothing in it. Not even a piece of plastic. Nothing. Nada.

Great. So now I have an empty box, and I will have a hard time getting a replacement. I guess since the box is fairly large, that the accompanied motherboard is now also somewhere else. I mean. What can I do without a motherboard. Not to mention the missing CPU. Pfft.

Yup. Got to love Spain, and I do, but this sucks. Really sucks.

Hey Intel. Hey customs. Hey delivery boy. Where the fok is the hardware I signed for?

Update: Hardware located. Package should arrive tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Haswell Processor Arrived, or Not

  1. Hi Pike!
    In my country we use to say: ” Chi parte a razzo finisce a cazzo” which means if you start too well, you’ll end up quite bad (or something). Whatever, take this as a bad looking good start! 🙂

  2. Did you get your Haswell config ? If yes did you manage to run ML on it ? I received i5-4570 with H87 board, but I have problem with running OS X on it… Strange, but I was able to run 10.6.3, but nothing above – 10.6.8 like 10.8.3 hangs after bootloader (Clover and Chameleon) boot-uuid…

    • Get the source of AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext (from my Git repo) and add a line for MSR_FLEX_RATIO. Compile it and e-mail me (see ssdtPRGen.sh for my account details) the output. And if you had it running with an earlier version of OS X then save a IORegistryExplorer dump as well.

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